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Ballista Duality - GS313

- Connecting with PS4 / Xbox One / Wii U, Click here
※ PS4 / Xbox One / Wii U can’t connect BARISTA directly(When HDMI audio out using),It needs to connect TV/Display or AVerMedia Gaming Capture Device via their RCA LR Output or 3.5 mm Audio Output to coneect BALLISTA.

- Connecting with PS3, Click here

- Connecting with Xbox 360, Click here

- Connecting with Wii / PS2, Click here
Besides checking your cables connection, there is a Source Switch on Ballista Trinity and Ballista Duality for switching among your AUX, LR and LINE-IN sources. Make sure the Source Switch is switched to the correct source. Additionally, an improper audio setting on your console can also cause no sound.

Check your speaker system through the following steps.
1. The power cable is properly connected to an outlet (for GS310 users, make sure the power switch on the back of the control box is ON).
2. Your audio is playing at a proper volume level.
3. The audio cable is properly connected (for GS315/313 users, make sure the source switch on the control box is switched to the correct source).
4. The volume knob is turned to a suitable position.
One of our gaming speakers’ characteristics is low noise. However, many media players or computer sound cards do not have good signal-to-noise ratio, which causes speaker noises. In order to identify the source of the noises, whether it’s from the speakers or the input audio, disconnect the audio cable first (3.5 mm or RCA) and see if the noises disappear. Generally speaking, it will be difficult to hear any noise one meter from the speakers when no audio is connected.
1. When used in standard mode, the volume change is designed to be less noticeable when adjusting the volume knob within 0 to 10 percent. In contrast, when adjusting volume within 90 to 100 percent, you’ll still hear the difference on our GS series while most other brands won’t have any effect.
2. If you’re using a Ballista Trinity GS315 with Assassin Mode turned on, it’s completely normal to start noticing volume changes after turning the volume knob past 50 percent. This design is meant to deliver all the enhanced sound effects and details that were only achievable at high volume, now also available at low volume using Assassin Mode.
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