Content Creator


How did you get started with creating?

I created my very first video about video games back in 1998. I was playing the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when I recorded myself getting a piece of heart in a secret way. I was so proud that I had figured out how to do this that I recorded it on a VHS tape so I could share it with my friends. I realized that I really loved doing that. I loved playing video games, and I loved trying to show my friends tips and tricks and new ways to do things. About 10 years ago, I launched my YouTube channel. My first Youtube video was a World of Warcraft gold chest farming video that I made just to share with a small group of people including my friends. But I quickly started to gain some views on it. Even though it was 10 years ago, I still remember hitting twenty thousand views on that video, and I was just ecstatic. I loved that this video was helping people and they were trying out this chest farming run even though the video quality wasn’t that good. It was really exciting to create something and to share it with the world.

What is your motivation behind creating?

There are two things that are really motivating for me. The first is that I really like helping people. I mentioned that I enjoy creating tutorial videos, and that type of content is what I enjoy creating the most. I like helping others and showing them how to do new things. I also like bringing people together. I think that gaming is a unique way to socialize with people. I’ve met a lot of friends, some of whom I’m still friends with to this day, that I met in a video game. We keep in touch, and we’ll talk on the phone or in discord groups. I think that creators are able to bring people together in a unique way through their content.

What has been the highlight of your creating career?

One of my favorite moments from being a creator was actually a few years ago. I created a tutorial video about something “Clan Wars” for a video game. I showed off how to register, participate, and compete in these online clan-based competitions. Someone in a mutual discord group, who didn’t know me and didn’t know that I was in the group, shared a link to my video. They said, “Hey guys, I just saw this video from this guy named Hoost07. He made a clan war guide. It’s really helpful, and you guys should all go watch it so we can get our team registered.” It was a really unique moment because I’ve talked about how I love helping people and creating guides so people can do things on their own. But, I never usually get to see that. I’m always hoping that my videos are helping people, but this time I got to witness it firsthand. I loved being able to reply to the guy, “Hey, I’m that guy, I’m hoost07, right here in your discord group. I’m the one who made that video.” That was a really cool experience to get to see that played out.

Hoost07 was getting ready for his stream

What are you looking for when choosing AVerMedia Partners?

When I’m going through our applications, one of the things that I’m most interested in is finding the people who really love what they do, people who love creating and sharing their creativity with the world. That’s the thing that we’re always looking for in prospective partners. It isn’t just about numbers or following, and honestly it doesn’t matter to me if this is your full-time job or just your part-time hobby. What I care about is the people who live and breathe creating, people who are bursting with creativity and ready to share what they create with the world. Those are the kind of creators and channels that we want to partner with. Because at the end of the day, AVerMedia is here because we want to help bring the world something that they have never seen before, so we partner with creators who do just that.

Any tips for aspiring content creators?

The tip that I would give to someone is to spend some time learning and developing your skills in this craft. I think that a great way to make your content stand out is if you really learn some new skills. I didn’t know anything about making or editing videos when I first started out. I really had to spend some time learning these skills. There is a large amount of knowledge online, especially in YouTube videos. I’ve even made some, so I know they’re out there. So, I recommend that you try to spend some time learning new skills and spend some time collaborating with others. If you see something another creator produced, reach out to them and ask, “How did you do this effect?” or “How can I replicated this?” It’s really wonderful to be learning new things, and it’s a lot of fun.