At AVerMedia, we have the tools and you have the talent!

That's why we want to partner with you. Through our *Partnership Program, you’ll receive the support and hardware that you need to #BoldlyCreate and to share your content with your community.

*This program is currently open to applicants living in the United States of America. We are working to open it to more countries.

Before You Apply

We believe everyone should be aware of what he or she is agreeing to, so we encourage you to read each of the following items before you apply to our Partnership Program.


There are two levels in our Partnership Program. The initial level within the Partnership Program will be assigned based on factors such as audience size, type of content, and influence within the community. AVerMedia reserves the right to assign levels based on its own criteria within these factors.

Level 1 Partner

  • Test unreleased products
  • Social Media promotion
  • Exclusive branded apparel
  • Exclusive discounts on AVerMedia new products for personal use
  • Have the chance to participate in co-sponsored giveaways and events
  • Earn commissions on sales on selected campaigns and activities

Level 2 Partner

  • All level 1 benefits
  • Be featured on the AVerMedia website
  • Have the chance of having your stream officially sponsored by AVerMedia
  • Special in-person events, co-branded sponsorships, and collaboration opportunities

What We Expect From You

Determination: We want to see that you are determined to create entertaining and inspiring content, make a connection with your community, and work with us in the best way possible.

Content Cooperation: We would appreciate your cooperation in creating valuable content for AVerMedia, including but not limited to photos, images, videos, and live streams.

Product Knowledge: We want you to use and understand how our products work. This is vital to properly introduce them in any given situation and also to provide valuable feedback and insights to us.


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