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Часто задаваемые вопросы

Live Gamer EXTREME - GC550

(a) Please make sure you are using a native Intel, Renesas, or Fresco USB 3.0 chipset.
(To ensure the compatibility, check your computer's USB 3.0 whether it is a verified chipset made by Intel Native, Renesas, or Fresco.
Steps: Right-click My Computer --> Properties --> Device Manager --> Universal Serial Bus controllers --> Intel USB 3.0 extensible Host Controller)

(b) If you are using ASMedia USB 3.0 chipset, we recommend using Windows 8.1, or connect your LGX to a compatible USB 3.0 port (such as Intel’s).

 After updating operating system to Windows 10 Spring update [1803] following error message shows at RECentral 4 start:

This error is resulted by the new 1803-update that controls the way of applications connecting your webcams and video capture devices.

Please refer to following steps to resolve the situation:



In Windows Search type “Privacy Settings” then click “Enter”



At Privacy Settings/ App Permissions/ Camera find the toggle and make sure to set it on

“Allow apps to access your camera”

With applying this setting you can get your AVerMedia capture card detected by RECentral 4.

RECentral 4 fails to start and shows following error message on computer with Windows 10 Spring update [1803]

This error is resulted by the new Windows 1803-update that controls the way of applications connecting your webcams and video capture devices.

Please refer to following steps to resolve the situation:



In Windows Search type “Privacy Settings” then click “Enter”



At Privacy Settings/ App Permissions/ Camera find the toggle and make sure to set it on

“Allow apps to access your camera”

With this setting you can get your AVerMedia capture card detected by RECentral 4.

If you want to output audio from gaming PC to your headset and to your AVerMedia game capture card simultaneously please follow steps detailed below:


1. Open “Settings” => “Sound” and enter the “Sound control panel”


2. At “Sound control panel/Recording”, “the stereo mixing device” might won’t show up at the first time. In this case right click on the mouse and check out the "Show disabled devices" option. The “stereo mixing device” will appear. However, the device at this point should be grayed out, make sure to enable it and click on apply.


After you clicked twice on the stereo mixer with the left mouse button, the following picture will appear. Please select the device usage mode field to enable, and then click Apply.


3. Then click to “Listen”, the below picture will show up, please check out "Listen to this device" and select the Digital output in the "Playback through this device" field.


4. Then set the stereo mix volume level to the appropriate level.


5. Select the Advanced panel and select "2 channels, 16 bits, 48000Hz (DVD quality)" in the Default format field. In general the HDMI PCM will provide the following sampling rate values: 44100, 48000, 96000, 192000Hz.


6. Finally, set the playback device to the "analog speaker" output, and that's it!


The above principle is focusing on the analog built-in mixer, so the computer's playback device must be set to analog speaker output, using the analog mixer on the output to the digital HDMI sound device (in this case the AVerMedia game capture card). Kindly note that the reversed setting will not work, because the sound card and the display card are different devices, and the HDMI of the display card does not support the digital mixer.

This error is received when you're about to capture from your PC (either Current or Other PC setup) and your AMD GPU is set to HDCP on mode. In order to fix the situation please enter AMD Radeon utility Display settings and make sure to disable HDCP as shown on below screenshot.

Please make sure you’ve installed LGX’s driver, once you’ve installed the driver successfully you’ll be able to output the pass-through video.
As LGX is a software compression capture box, it occupies higher CPU usage when recording HD videos. To ensure the recorded quality, make sure the CPU Usage does not go over 70% while recording the video. Try closing other programs to lower the CPU usage.
Please update your the USB 3.0 chipset driver on your computer to the latest version.
Usually this does not happen, we recommend you to close and reopen RECentral 2 and your screen should resume normal display. If you still see a black screen, the source signal may be protected by HDCP. LGX does not support the viewing/recording of HDCP protected signals.
The images may have been enlarged or shrinked by the printer. If you need to output the cover files and print them in a shop or on another computer, please check the printer’s settings, and make sure the files are printed without scaling.
1) On your desktop, right-‐‑‒click → 「New」 → 「Shortcut」.

2) Enter ʻ‘devmgmt.mscʼ’ → 「Next」 → 「Done」.

3) Double-‐‑‒click the new shortcut to open 【Device Manager】.

4) Select 「View」 > 「Devices by connection」.

5) Expand devices in order, in the example below, LGX is using the Intel hub: 「ACPI x64-‐‑‒based PC」→「Microsoft ACPI-‐‑‒Compliant System」→「PCI bus」→「Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller」→「Intel(R) USB 3.0 Root Hub」→【AVerMedia Live Gamer EXTREME(LGX)】.
Yes, LGX can capture gameplay via HDMI from both the PS4 and Xbox One.
・For capturing Xbox One, it doesnʼ’t have HDCP protection during gameplay, so it can work fine with LGX.
・For capturing PS4, please upgrade your PS4 firmware(version 1.70 or later)to record gameplay over HDMI.
Click here to see a tutorial for disabling HDCP on PS4.
Yes, LGX can capture APPʼ’s video via HDMI from iOS Device.
※ “Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter” is required.
1) Click on the Mode Dial to switch to 【Capture / Stream mode】.
2) Click on 【Record】 tab.
3) Click 【GC550 FAQ】 tab to select 「Custom」 then click 【Edit】 tab to open 【Recording Quality Settings】.
4) Click 【GC550 FAQ】 tab to select the desired Codec from the dropdown menu.
 → Hardware Encoder:QSV(Intel® Quick Sync Video)、NVENC(Nvidia NVENC)、VEC(AMD VCE)…
 → Software Encoder:H.264
5) Click 【Save】 button to save all changes.

1) Click on the Mode Dial to switch to 【Capture / Stream mode】.
2) Click on 【Stream】 tab.
3) Click 【GC550 FAQ】 tab to select the desired Streaming Platform then click 【Edit】 tab to open
【Add New Streaming Platform】.
4) Click on 【General】 tab then click 【GC550 FAQ】 tab to select 【Custom】.
5) Click on 【Advanced】 tab then click 【GC550 FAQ】tab to select the desired Codec from the dropdown menu.
 → Hardware Encoder:QSV(Intel® Quick Sync Video)、NVENC(Nvidia NVENC)、VEC(AMD VCE)…
 → Software Encoder:H.264
6) Click 【Save】 button to save all changes.
Legally, unless you have been duly licensed, we expressly advise that you DO NOT record copyrighted contents, particularly those with copy protection such as HDCP, to avoid breaking the law.
If you have been duly granted a license to record copyrighted contents, it is technically possible to use a splitter with our product; however, our warranty does not cover such usage, and AVerMedia will not be liable to any damage caused by such actions.
Follow the steps below to verify your USB 3.0 host controller meets the requirement:
1) On your desktop, right-click > New > Shortcut
2) Enter ‘devmgmt.msc’ > Next > Done
3) Double-click the new shortcut to open Device Manager
4) Click on Universal Serial Bus controllers, and look for:
 • Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller (mandatory)
 • Renesas, Fresco, VIA, or ASMedia USB eXtensible Host Controller
1.Device is not found
a.RECentral service couldn’t start or didn’t start properly. It’s possible that other applications installed on your computer is blocking RECentral service preventing RECentral to function normally.

→ We recommend you to check whether RECentral service has started up in Windows Task Manager

2. Device is occupied
a.This is a known issue in RECentral and GC550 driver 3.0.x.93 (there is a high chance to encounter this issue for frame rates other than 59.94 and 60).

→ We have detailed explanation on our website, if your video source is not 59.94 or 60fps, we advise you to install RECentral with Driver 3.0.x.90 (beta), we will provide complete solution in the upcoming version.

b.Either there is no audio output device installed on your PC (speaker or headphone), or they were not enabled in Volume Control Panel

→ Please confirm that your audio output devices functions properly (in Windows Volume Panel)
32-bit operating systems limit the maximum RAM to 4 GB, and streaming software consumes a lot of memory, especially when using functions such as overlays.
As such, performances of streaming software (including RECentral, OBS, or XSplit) will be impaired, and may even lead to abnormal behaviors.

Therefore we recommend running streaming software under 64-bit operating systems with at least 8 GB of RAM to get a sufficient share of memory when running the program.
Please follow steps as detailed below to complete the setup:

Step 1:
Connect LGX to your PC’s USB 3.0 with the supplied USB 3.0 cable.
*we recommend to use onboard native Intel USB 3.0 host controller
(before the setup make sure to run Windows update, furthermore install latest drivers for USB 3.0 controller and graphic card)

Step 2:
Download and install latest driver and RECentral from AVerMedia official website

Step 3:
Complete the setup in RECentral 3 or your preferred streaming software: OBS or XSplit.
For details please refer to
LGX Quick Guide
RECentral 3 User Manual
In order to fix the situation please make sure to quit Skype or Browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) or other 3rd party running applications (XSplit, OBS) before launching RECentral 3.
We recommend to use native Intel USB 3.0 host controller, also make sure to run latest Windows update and have latest driver for USB 3.0 controller and graphic card.
Please note followings:
[for users running Windows 10 or 8.1 operating systems]
In case of using ASMedia, Renesas, Fresco USB 3.0 host controllers make sure to run the latest Windows update to install latest driver for USB 3.0 controller and graphic card.
If use VIA USB 3.0 controller please download and install latest USB 3.0 controller driver from PC/ motherboard manufacturer’s or VIA official website.

[for Windows 7 users]
For Fresco USB 3.0 controller through Windows update, install the latest update for USB 3.0 controller and graphic card drivers.
If use Renesas/VIA USB 3.0 controller please download and install the latest update from motherboard or USB 3.0 manufacturer’s website.
If use ASMedia make sure to install the 2015. October driver release or later version.
If the resolution of the connected game console or other video source is not set properly it’s possible that RECentral 3 won’t show the video and the video won’t be able to pass-thru to your TV either that you connect from LGX HDMI out port.
Please confirm the supported resolution values and apply the setting accordingly. In case there is still “No signal” in software, on pass-thru please refer to following troubleshooting steps:

1. Replace your HDMI cable (make sure to use good quality cables)
2. Try to connect different capture source to confirm whether LGX works fine
3. Unplug all cables and connect the devices again (source→ LGX → TV/monitor)
4. Remove LGX driver and software, reboot your PC and run clean installation again, make sure to apply latest update from official product page
5. Set the output resolution of the source device to 1080p or lower resolution (1080i/720p)
6. It’s possible that your monitor/TV doesn’t support 1080p, make sure to use 1080p display
7. Close RECentral 3 then launch it again. You may shut down your computer and try a restart.
Please check following troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure that you are having connected LGX to the USB 3.0 port on your computer.
 *we recommend to use native Intel USB 3.0 host controller
 *USB 2.0 port is not supported
2. Don’t connect LGX via USB hub
3. Check whether was the driver installed properly. If the color of the LED on the LGX shows constant red this means that the Windows doesn’t recognize the LGX maybe due to driver installation failure. Check status at Device Manager/ Sound, video and game controllers.
4. Restart Windows, unplug the USB 3.0 cable from LGX then connect the cable back on your PC, make sure to firmly plug the cables all way round. If the connection is not stable LGX won’t get recognized by your PC.
We don’t recommend to run Live Gamer Extreme on PC that doesn’t meet the minimal system requirements indicated on our website.
The possible problems that you could encounter in this situation: CPU performance issue, video quality issues due to insufficient graphic card specification, USB 3.0 compatibility issue (the device not getting detected). 1080p60fps capture won’t be able to be performed and completed properly.
If you open SCENE mode or activate live editing function in RECentral 3 software the CPU even might reach 100%.
Please make sure to check our website regarding system requirements, you may also download and run LGX compatibility tool from

Capturing 1080p60fps video content or when using live editing or SCENE modes we highly recommend to enter RECentral 3 settings → [Recording quality] → “Custom” → “Codec” and select graphic card built in hardware encoder to reduce the CPU usage.
*for live editing function we recommend using desktop computer.
To confirm what Live Gamer Extreme uncompressed format support means:
The AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme delivers ultra low latency uncompressed 1080p 60fps video over USB 3.0 connection for both HDMI and component sources.
The main feature that the LGX touts is ultra-low latency uncompressed video, meaning you see the game as intended with no real lag or delay between what you'd see on your TV.
Without hardware encoding process, Live Gamer Extreme can capture uncompressed raw data and stream it with minimal latency.
Please note that the recorded file as confirmed on official product page will be at MP4 format.
No, it doesn’t. The available recording format is MP4.
Make sure to match the internal output resolution of the 3rd party application to identical value with LGX video input source resolution.

*For XSplit 2.xx or newer version please follow next steps:
Select and add “AVerMedia GC550 video capture” as capture device
In “Settings” → “Device configuration” → “Video output” → “Output size (S)” at “Frame rate” set same input format as LGX receives from connected capture source.
In order to be able to stream to your Youtube channel please use Google Chrome browser to enter your Youtube Creator tool page and confirm whether “Live streaming” function was set to “Enabled” status. If live streaming wasn’t activated yet click on the “Enable” button, or please re-enable “Live Streaming” and try again.
Please note that Live Gamer Extreme doesn’t support protected HDCP content, if such source is connected via direct HDMI cable to Live Gamer Extreme, RECentral 3 will not show video display.
*Some component sources might have copy protection mechanism too.
Please check whether do you run any antivirus application (for example Avast) on your PC that might block RECentral 3 from running properly.

*Recommended actions:
1. Make sure to exempt RECentral 3 from checked applications in your antivirus software settings
2. Temporarily disable/turn off antivirus application
3. If still doesn’t work you may try to remove/uninstall antivirus application
It’s possible that you played Blu-Ray disc or opened some applications (Netflix, Hulu) that activated HDCP protection on your XBox One. HDCP has failed Xbox One error can prevent you from recording your gameplay sessions.

Please refer to following suggestions to resolve the situation.

Solution 1 – Restart your console
Try to restart your console. This will clear temporary files and fix this and many other problems. To restart your Xbox One, do the following:

 1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
 2. Select Settings.
 3. Select Restart console.
 4. Select Yes to confirm.

You can also restart your console by holding the power button for 10 seconds. After your console turns off, wait for a few seconds and press the power button again to turn it on. After your console restarts, the temporary files will be removed and the error should be resolved.

Solution 2 – Turn on Energy-saving mode
In case restarting your XBox One didn’t help to solve the issue please follow steps below:

 1. Press the Menu button on your controller and go to Settings.
 2. Select Power & startup.
 3. Go to Power Options section, select Power mode and press the A button on the controller.
 4. Select Energy-saving.
Xboxone HDCP FAQ

After enabling this option, turn off your Xbox off then restart it. The issue with HDCP should be resolved completely.
The XBOX One S supports resolution output at 4K (3840x2160) and has setting for HDR color. If you want to record game footage of XBOX One S with your AVerMedia capture card make sure to lower resolution to supported 1080p and turn off/disable HDR function.
Yes, AVerMedia capture cards can capture game footage from PS4 PRO under following circumstances:
Set PS4 PRO output to 1080p resolution and turn off HDR color output.
In case you connect 4K TV to AVerMedia capture card’s HDMI output port please make sure to disable HDMI UHD color options in your TV’s settings.
When connecting an Android smartphone / tablet, the outputs from HDMI are subjected to HDCP
Therefore, you will not be able to receive video (in RECentral) and record.
1st step:
Please go to StreamLabs website StreamLabs and click “Login to get started”

2nd step:
Login to your TwitchTV or Youtube account
RECentral FAQ

3rd step:
Select “CHATBOX”, modify Theme to “Clean”, and click the “click to show widget URL” button to generate a chat box webpage. Copy the URL and paste it to RECentral 3.
RECentral FAQ

RECentral FAQ

4th step:
Launch RECentral 3, activate the SCENE function, then add a webpage.
RECentral FAQ

5th step:
Paste the URL you copied earlier and it should give you a transparent chat box.
You can try to enter some words on your Twitch webpage and see if the same words will appear in RECentral 3.
RECentral FAQ

RECentral FAQ
Live Gamer Extreme works fine on AMD Ryzen motherboards when plugged to AMD USB 3.0 host controller.
Kindly note however that on older AMD motherboards Live Gamer Extreme doesn’t support AMD USB 3.0 controller.
For confirmation please download LGX compatibility tool and run it to diagnose your platform, the tool will help to determine whether do you still have supported USB 3.0 host controller where you can plug the capture card to.
LGX will work only if connected to USB 3.0 host controller with supported chipset.
Refer to
Please confirm that the HDMI monitor you connect to the capture card’s HDMI out has built-in speaker. In case the connected monitor doesn’t have speaker (thus can’t play audio) in the HDMI pass-thru setup (input source>capture card>monitor) the input source’s audio output to the capture card will be blocked and there won’t be audio received in software preview.

We would recommend you play the H.265(HEVC) video clip with Potplyaer or VLC.


Illustration 1:


Illustration 2:


1. Please check if you already install below latest driver:

2. You can try different USB3.0 cable.

3. You can try different USB3.0 plug-in on the same PC. If you plug in the front of your PC, it may cause unusual issue due to insufficient power supply.

4. Did you upgrade your USB 3.0 chipset driver to the latest version?

5. We recommend using native Intel USB3.0 host controller, and having the latest driver for USB 3.0 controller and the graphic card.

6. Please upgrade the latest version for graphic card.

7. Please check your USB 3.0 hub power management: allow computer to turn off this device to save power

8. Power option under Window OS: please select “high performance”, instead of power saver.

9. Did you update your Window recently? Windows update breaks the performance.

9-1) We receive some user’s feedback face freeze issue after his Windows10 was patched by Windows update KB4100347 or KB4091663.


Go PC's Settings->Update & security->Windows Update, then Update history -> Uninstall updates. Find KB4100347 or KB4091663 and uninstall it -> restart pc.



9-2) Windows 10 roll back to previous version:

Windows 10 October 2018 Update: Uninstall, rollback, tutorial


How to uninstall and reinstall updates on Windows 10

10. If neither of above point helpful, please send your PC’s dxdiag file


How to get a DirectX Diagnostic file:


1). click on "START"

2). click "run"

3). type in "dxdiag" and click "OK"

4). check through the tabs and perform all tests

5). click "Save all Information..." and save the text file to a location of your choice


We prefer that DxDiag files be posted as message attachments rather than pasted into the body of the post.            


Мы хотим помочь вам найти решение! Свяжитесь с нами.


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