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Catching 2018 World Football Fever with AVerMedia

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Are you a REAL football expert?

Predict the final champion of 2018 World Football Competition!
If your team wins the final match, you'll earn a chance to go home with a Streaming Kit.
Each member can vote once each day.


1. The Streaming Kit bundle includes a USB Microphone (AM310) and a game capture card (GC513).

2. How to vote: Sign up for AVerMedia membership and follow our social media page to join the prediction event. The prediction event starts from 1st June to 14th July 2018. Each member can vote one time per day. Any late registration or wrong information will NOT be accepted.

3. Gifts may be taxed by local regulations.


Latest Counting of Votes:


  • Argentina

    Current Votes:188

  • Australia

    Current Votes:2

  • Belgium

    Current Votes:158

  • Brazil

    Current Votes:142

  • Croatia

    Current Votes:168

  • Colombia

    Current Votes:127

  • Costa Rica

    Current Votes:2

  • Denmark

    Current Votes:165

  • England

    Current Votes:121

  • Egypt

    Current Votes:9

  • France

    Current Votes:346

  • Germany

    Current Votes:47

  • Iceland

    Current Votes:4

  • Iran

    Current Votes:4

  • Japan

    Current Votes:187

  • Korea

    Current Votes:2

  • Mexico

    Current Votes:178

  • Morocco

    Current Votes:4

  • Nigeria

    Current Votes:3

  • Panama

    Current Votes:3

  • Peru

    Current Votes:3

  • Poland

    Current Votes:2

  • Portugal

    Current Votes:163

  • Russia

    Current Votes:124

  • Saudi Arabia

    Current Votes:1

  • Senegal

    Current Votes:2

  • Serbia

    Current Votes:2

  • Spain

    Current Votes:29

  • Sweden

    Current Votes:212

  • Switzerland

    Current Votes:200

  • Tunisia

    Current Votes:10

  • Uruguay

    Current Votes:43



Buy selected AVerMedia products* and register your receipts to join the lucky draw for great prizes, including 4K TV, Video games, Microsoft Xbox ONE X, SONY PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch.

We will announce the lucky winners by week. Each product can earn 1 lucky draw chance, more product you buy, more winning possibility you will have, so buy more to win more!

Week 1 – 21st June: FIFA 2018 game on Sony PS4*3
Week 2 – 28th June: Nintendo Switch*
Week 3 – 5th July: Nintendo Switch*1, Sony PS4 Pro*1
Week 4 – 12th July: Nintendo Switch*1, Sony PS4 Pro*1, Microsoft Xbox ONE X*1
Final Prize – 16th July: 4K TV

The Distribution Channels of the U.K.

We only list down few eshop because of the limited page space.
The selected products were bought in any channel could join the lucky draw event.
You could contact our local distributor to get more purchase information.

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Receipt Registration

You can find your product serial numbers here BU110

AVerMeida will contact you if we are running marketing campaign (Giveaway, model review…etc) in the nearly future.


1. Please upload your receipt photo and product serial number before 15th July 2018 to join the raffle. The products should be bought during 1st June 2018 to 15th July 2018. Any late registration or wrong information will NOT be accepted.

2. The selected products include: GC573/GC553/GC570/GC550/GC551/GC513/GC510/BU110/ GS331/GS333/AM310/ER310/ER130/GH335/GH337. total 15 models.

3. Gifts may be taxed by local regulations.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The event is organized and managed by AVerMedia Technologies Inc.
  2. AVerMedia reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time.
  3. The event rules and the winner list will be released on AVerMedia official website and social media page.
  4. When you participate in this event, the organizer will collect your personal data (including name, nationality and email, etc.) and use it as the event contact, announcement, follow-up processing and record for marketing purposes only.
  5. The prize may not be exchanged, transferred, reimbursed, or exchanged for cash before delivery. Organizer reserves the right to change any equivalent prizes.
  6. It’s not attributable to the organizer that because of the computer, internet, telephone, technology or any other reason may result in the loss or inaccuracy and leads to any information’s missing, false, unrecognizable or damaged. The organizer will not assume any legal responsibility or make any notification.
  7. If there is any damage, wrong delivery, delay or loss in the process of sending prizes, the organizer shall not be responsible for it.
  8. If the organizer finds any of the following situations, then the winning qualification will expire automatically. If the prize has been obtained, it must be returned by the winner. If the winner still does not return the prize, the organizer will retain the legal retrospective right: (1). Registered for return or replacement (2). Registration information is incomplete, inaccurate or not true (3). The serial number is wrong or not true. If the event cannot be executed due to special reasons of force majeure, the organizer has the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the event, any unfinished business shall be subject to the ROC laws and local regulations.
  9. All pictures on the event website are for reference only.

Prize winning notices and receiving

  1. For the event 2, the invoice must be issued from June 1, 2018 to July 15, 2018. The invoice must be unclaimed or not be used for other awards and it shall be registered within the specified period which is announced on the event website. Those invoices which are overdue to be registered can't join the raffle.
  2. All the winners will be notified via email and be announced on the event website. All winners must follow the process to redeem prizes and pay particular attention to relevant information. Winners are required to submit a photocopy of the invoice or other required information contents to reply to the award notification e-mail. If the winner does not reply to the organizer according to the instructions in the e-mail, the winner will lose the eligibility for the winner and the organizer will have the right to separately select other winners to replace.
  3. Winners need to guarantee that all responses are authentic and correct and there is no third party's information has been fraudulently used. If the winner does not provide the correct information or do not fill in the personal basic information in detail or are incorrect, then the winner will be disqualified.
  4. The gifts should be taxed by local regulation. Please follow the instructions provided by AVerMedia once you won the campaign. AVerMedia will issue a withholding statement of winning income tax to the winner. If the winner rejects to pay the winning tax in advance, the winner will be deemed as disqualifying.
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