recentral 4
RECentral 4 Beta version has been released to only be used by content creators with the LGP 2 (GC510)

Waiting time is over! We are now releasing our newest RECentral 4 Beta Version, you will find newer features such as reduced CPU usage, support for multiple capture devices, screen capturing among many other great features.

Making RECentral more intuitive and more user friendly than before was for sure one of our main goals. Putting all you need just a few clicks away so once you go live using the new RECentral will feel like second nature. 

We would love to hear back from you, so after downloading and using the new RECentral 4 Beta Version, don't forget to fill out our user feedback survey in the link bellow. Give us your impressions, the good, the not so good and automatically enter a lucky draw and win one of 3 AVerMedia USB Microphone AM310 (Survey fill out deadline: August 31, 2017)

  • Performance optimization

    More than 20% more efficient than previous versions, RECentral 4 is now faster and more efficient than ever. You can seamlessly Start/Stop any streaming or recording without experiencing any delay in status. With hardware encoding supported, RECentral allows your CPU to focus on more important task in hand.

  • Streaming Low / Record High

    The quality of recorded files should never be limited by the available upload bandwidth and video streaming settings. RECentral now lets you do live streaming at low bitrate while simultaneously recording the same video at a higher bitrate, to ensure you will be able to post edit your files with the highest quality possible.

  • Multiple card support

    Capture multiple video resources with multiple capture devices. RECentral now supports multiple capturing devices in the same system. You can easily add different camera angles and add more video sources to your streams. Making your content look richer and taking it to the next level was never easier.

  • Screen Capturing

    Showing off your epic battles or sharing how you prepare for your most legendary gameplay by capturing your screen has never been easier. New tutorials, new narratives, new perspectives and much more interesting content will be available for your viewers with this great new screen capturing feature.

  • Download
  • Step 1

    Download RECentral 4 Beta version

    Step 2

    Fill in feedback survey and automatically enter the lucky draw.
    Click here to fill out the survey

    1. GC510/GC570/C875/C985/BU110
    2. To install RECentral 4 Beta version, RECentral 3 needs to be uninstalled


If you want to report any issues or bugs about this Beta version please go to “Settings>About>Problems and Suggestion” in RECentral 4. If possible limit each submission to one issue and summit the steps to reproduce the issue you’ve encountered.