Make a short video telling us why you should be the next DREAM STREAMER and get a chance to win a DREAM STREAMER Streaming PC Setup. And remember every vote counts!





  • CyberPowerPC Streaming PC powered by NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti
    • CPU: Intel® i9-9900k
    • RAM: Adata Spectrix RGB Hybrid
    • GPU: GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti
    • Storage: 500GB WD Black PCIe NVMe M.2 / 1TB WD 7200 HDD
    • PC CASE: CoolerMaster H500M Black
    • Mobo: ASRock z390 Phantom Gaming
  • Live Gamer 4K Capture Card
  • 4K Webcam, USB Microphone, Gaming Headset
  • Exclusive AVerMedia Swag
  • Placement on AVerMedia streaming channel

● Live Gamer ULTRA
● USB Microphone, Gaming Headset
● Exclusive AVerMedia Swag
● Placement on AVerMedia streaming channel

● Live Gamer 4K Capture Card or Live Gamer ULTRA
● Exclusive AVerMedia Swag

Tell us why you should be the next DREAM STREAMER

  1. Tell us why you should be the next DREAM STREAMER
    Make a video following our guideline
  2. Upload your video
    Upload your video to Twitch or YouTube and submit the link to join the contest
  3. Share with your community
    Share the video on your social media channels with #DREAMSTREAMER hashtag and don’t forget to tag @AVerMediaGZ

Submit your VIDEO

Submit your video

Remember to follow guidelines

Which link to give?
Note: We will review the content before it is posted on this event page. To review the status or any feedback on your video go to your account info.

As easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Follow our social media
  2. Vote for you favorite video
  3. Win AVerMedia Products!


Voter’s Prizes

Giveaway (x4)
● Live Gamer EXTREME 2
● Exclusive AVerMedia Swag
*Winners will be announced after TwitchCon 2018

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BondofGames - Live @TwitchCon with Avermedia · 7 days ago
144 Vote
ChosenDroid - Issa chill day off | !sub !tokens !jersey · 7 days ago
7 Vote
ForceableVR - Twitchcon Avermedia Booth · 8 days ago
5 Vote
Shryku - Live from TwitchCon! Avermedia booth · 8 days ago
6 Vote
Dreaming Big
398 Vote
72 Vote
MissDJM: Dreaming in 4K
385 Vote
Mr. N3wb the ultimate Dream Streamer!
68 Vote
Omen Shane - AverMedia Dream Streamer! TwitchCon Live Stream?
2586 Vote
Constipated/Comedic Streamer for Dream Streamer? || The Importance of Streaming with a Dream (Commentary)
2712 Vote
I like to Babble!! Dream Streamer Entry!!
140 Vote
Frameloss Talks 4k
579 Vote
157 Vote

Going to TwitchCon 2018?

Come and check out the DREAM STREAMER rig you could be going home with. We will have Onsite giveaways, live streaming sessions and other events, so just come over and hang out with us, we will be at booth #1048!

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Video Guidelines and Rules

Video Layout Template:

Videos must feature the DREAM STREAMER overlay that can be downloaded at LINK

To enter, create a video with the following criteria:

• A 5-10 minute gameplay streaming and commentary video with the themes of Dreaming, Streaming, and Sharing.
• Gameplay can be any game of your choice, but we recommend a title that supports 4K output so you can discuss details you could be showing but can’t with your current system
• Videos must be uploaded to the DREAM STREAMER site page AND posted on your own channels/socials with the #dreamstreamer hashtag and tag @AVerMediaGZ
• Entry is limited to creators with fewer than 25,000 followers*
• Teams can submit videos, but no more than 2 team members can participate in the video

* If you have more than 25,000 followers, you’re still welcome to come stream with DREAM STREAMER 2018 at TwitchCon; message us here for details.

• Stay positive in your approach; hating won’t help you win
• User voting is important, so the more of your community you involve and get to come vote, the better you’ll do!
• Follow our twitter account @AVerMediaGZ for updates and for giveaways to DREAM STREAMERs throughout the contest period


The AVerMedia DREAM STREAMER 2018 program has two phases. First, there’s a qualifying round to get an invite to stream in 4K using the DREAM STREAMER PC rig in the AVerMedia booth #1048 at TwitchCon, and then the final round to determine the Grand Prize and Runner Up winners will take place during TwitchCon.

Qualifying Round:

• Secure your spot in the finals at TwitchCon with a short video following the requirements
• Qualifying starts Wednesday, October 3 and ends Halloween Night, Wednesday, October 31 at 11:59 PM PT.
• Get those videos in soon so you don’t miss out!
• Share your video with the #dreamstreamer hashtag and link to the contest page so your followers can vote for you—the public vote can push you into the finals!
• Qualifiers will be notified starting on October 19th so they can book their 30 minute slots to stream at TwitchCon

Final Round at TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose, CA:

• Will take place from October 26-28 at TwitchCon in AVerMedia booth #1048
• 30 minute gameplay streams using the Dream Rig setup and Live Gamer 4K capture hardware
• Qualifying entrants unable to travel to TwitchCon for the Final Round can be accommodated by remote video entry at AVerMedia’s discretion

Judging Criteria
    1. Dreaming:
  • • What this system will mean for me and my community
  • • Why streaming in 4K matters
    2. Streaming:
  • • Playing and talking a good game
  • • Show off game highlights that would look better in 4K
    3. Sharing:
  • • Sharing your message to your audience in creative ways

Every entrant is eligible to win great prizes throughout the competition, including AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K and ULTRA 4K game capture cards. A limited number of entrants will qualify for the DREAM STREAMER 2018 finals at TwitchCon 2018 with a chance to win the DREAM STREAMER 2018 Grand Prize of a 4K gaming/streaming rig and accessories as well as exclusive streaming opportunities. Qualifiers will be notified via the email address they signed up with, and given a 30-minute slot to stream in 4K at AVerMedia Booth #1048 at the San Jose Convention Center. Qualifiers who are unable to attend TwitchCon 2018 will be given an opportunity to participate remotely.

This event is open only to permanent legal residents of the fifty (50) states of the U.S., or D.C. and Canada (excluding Quebec, Guam, Puerto Rico and all other U.S. and foreign territories and possessions), who are physically located and residing therein.