Best 4Kp60 Video Capture Card for Interactive Whiteboards Application by AVerMedia

AVerMedia GC553O brings 4K capture and pass-through experience with 100% lag-free. Not limited to 4K HDR, GC553O also can pass through at the high refresh rates of up to 240 Hz on Full HD signal.

With its high frame rate capture ability of up to 120 fps for Full HD signal, GC553O brings super smooth recordings to the user’s archives.

As a simple plug-and-play device, GC553O takes full advantage of UVC technology, which basically standardizes the video drivers. In other words, all our customers need to do is to plug GC553O to their PCs, and then it’s ready to record and stream.



Client Application

Our client is one of the global leaders in designing and manufacturing the advanced Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs). AVerMedia GC553O is built in their latest 4K resolution IWBs to stream and display video data received from the computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Why AVerMedia Is Chosen?

"We are very much satisfied with AVerMedia GC553O video capture card. After the search for several months, we found that GC553O is the best “Real 4K” video capture card. GC553O can make the most reliable efficiency possible with its outstanding stability and reliability. It helps us to simplify our R&D processes and greatly save our time in the design and development. We are also impressed by the fast technical support and complete services for ensuring the system compatibility and the best utilization."




Product Offering




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