At AVerMedia, we are driven by the belief that #WeAreAllCreators! We want to partner with individuals around the world who #BoldlyCreate and enthusiastically share their creation. Through our partnership program you’ll receive the support and hardware that you need to produce the best and most creative content your community will ever see.



These #AVerMediaPartners share our enthusiasm for bringing communities together, and we can’t wait to see what they will create next. We encourage you to check out some of our partners to get a sense of what we’re looking for in a creator. Think you have what it takes to make the list? Apply for our program below.

  • BizSnes
  • Muyskerm
  • JSniperton
  • Play
  • BogOtter
  • CrucianGaming


Every great influencer has a beginning, so whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a well-established content creator, we may be interested in working with you. We have several different options in our partnership program so we can work with as many individuals as possible. Everyone in our program will receive priority technical support and an invitation to a private Discord server to collaborate with other participants.

    • Product discount to up grade your setup
    • Exclusive branded apparel
    • Collection of digital assets for your content
    • Free products for personal use
    • Earn commissions on sales
    • Join co-sponsored giveaways and events
    Includes Ambassador perks
    • Test unreleased products
    • Be featured on AVerMedia website
    • Social media promotion
    Includes Affiliate perks


Determination: We want to see that you are determined to create entertaining and inspiring content, make a connection with your community, and work with us in the best way possible.

Content Cooperation: We would appreciate your cooperation on creating valuable content for AVerMedia, including but not limited to photos, images, videos, and live streams.

Product Knowledge: We want you to use and understand how our products work. This is vital to properly introduce them in any given situation.

Exclusivity: We believe that AVerMedia products are all you need for success, and we hope you’ll agree. We ask that you exclusively use AVerMedia hardware for your capturing needs.



  • When can I apply for the program?
    We typically will open applications and accept new partners three or four times per calendar year.
  • How many followers, subscribers, etc. do I need to apply?
    We don’t set minimum required metrics to apply, but applicants should at least have some influence over a community.
  • Is there a specific platform that I need to create on?
    Absolutely not! We believe there are communities of people everywhere, and we work with a variety of creators on different platforms.
  • Does my content have to be gaming related?
    Nope! We’re mostly known in the gaming and streaming industry, but our products are used by a variety of creators and broadcasters in different applications.
  • Do you partner with esports teams and organization?
    Yes, but not via this program. Please reach out to us via our website to discuss sponsorship.
  • If accepted am I sponsored by AVerMedia?
    Participation in this program doesn’t mean that you are sponsored by AVerMedia.
  • Do I sign a contract with AVerMedia?
    No contract is required, however; partners must sign a nondisclosure agreement to test and provide feedback on unannounced products.
  • How does AVerMedia communicate with its partners?
    We communicate with partners via three methods: email, Twitter, and Discord.
  • Does AVerMedia pay its partners?
    We do not pay any program participants at any level. Affiliates and Partners can earn a 5% commission based on product referrals.
  • If previously applied and was denied, will that hurt my chances to apply again?
    Not at all! In fact, we believe that shows determination and eagerness to work with us!
  • After I apply, how soon will I hear back with a decision?
    Based on the volume of applications, it could take as long as six weeks to hear back regarding the status of your application.
  • Who can I contact for an update regarding my application?
    We communicate decisions about partnership applications at your provided email address. Be sure to check your SPAM folder as our replies sometimes end up in there. If you haven’t heard anything after approximately six weeks, we encourage you to contact us via our website.
  • How long does my partnership with AVerMedia last?
    Approved applicants will remain in the program for six months to one year. After that time, you may be asked to reapply.
  • What countries is the partnership program open to?
    At this time, our program is open to residents of: The United States of America, Canada, The United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia.

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