AVerMedia Video Capture Cards on NVIDIA Tegra K1 and X1 Systems

2016-11-09   Taipei, Taiwan

Today, AVerMedia announces the achievement of getting her 4 video capture cards running on NVIDIA Tegra K1 and X1 systems, with the required Linux drivers developed by AVerMedia. These 4 video capture cards are C353, CM313B, C351, and C039P. C353, CM313B, and C351 also come with the versions to support extended temperaturę range. Tegra K1 system includes NVIDIA Jetson TK1 developer kit and AVerMedia embedded Tegra solution, EK611-11 and EK611-AA. Tegra X1 system includes NVIDIA Jetson TX1 developer kit and AVerMedia EX711-AA.

By using these 4 video capture cards, the innovative developers can now enrich their Tegra applications with multiple video sources through HDMI, VGA, 3G-SDI, and Composite interfaces.

C353, CM313B, and C351 can be integrated into NVIDIA Jetson TK1 developer kit and AVerMedia embedded Tegra solution, EK611-11 and EK611-AA, through the on-board Mini PCIe connector. They can also be integrated into NVIDIA Jetson TX1 developer kit through a Mini PCIe to PCIe adapter connected to its on-board PCIe connector or be directly integrated into AVerMedia EX711-AA through its on-board Mini PCIe connector. And C039P can be connected to Tegra K1 and X1 systems simply through USB 2.0 port.

For more details of AVerMedia video capture cards (C353, CM313B, C351, and C039P) and AVerMedia embedded Tegra solutions (EK611-11, EK611-AA, and EX711-AA), please kindly visit our website or check out the following links. You can also send your enquiry to EMB.Solutions@avermedia.com. Our developers will be more than happy to reply you in 24 hours.

Mini PCIe video capture card: http //www.avermedia.com/professional/category/mini_card
USB video capture card: http //www.avermedia.com/professional/product/c039p/overview
Embedded Tegra solutions: http://www.avermedia.com/professional/category/embedded_tegra_solutions

For any enquiry related to the associated Linux drivers on Tegra systems, please make the request through the link of http://www.avermedia.com/professional/request_support.


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